Current Progress 5/15/12

Well, this is my last project post of the year.  I wanted to do something simple for the last project.  It’s not my best work and I could’ve done so much more with it but I like the simplicity of it and that it’s one of my favorite verses in the bible.  The background could’ve been a different color other than white but I don’t think it would’ve been as meaningful.

Project: John 14:6 Software: Illustrator Comments: This is my last project of the year for Mr. Hensler and I wanted to leave it with a good thought.

Current Progress 5/10/12

This is my second project for the week since my Relay For Life poster was done.  Unlike the poster, which only took two days, the logo took me about twenty minutes tops.  I’m really, really proud of the turn out.  I’m in total awe of the font I used for “Holly Enders” because of the rough edging.  Without the white design going on in the background, the project would’ve been completely plain.  It not only adds color but it affects the design altogether.

Project: Logotype Software: Illustrator Comments: I’m REALLY happy with this logo. I don’t think it’s better than my first one but it sure is close.


Current Progress 5/8/12

I just did a simple poster with the inspiration of Relay For Life 2012 arriving this weekend.  I decided to do one for Colon Cancer because my Nan passed away from it.  She’s one of the reasons that I walk besides the fact that I know others that have suffered from cancer.  The dark-blue ribbon symbolizes Colon Cancer.  I free-handed each logo–the ribbon and the Relay For Life logo–and found a kid-ish font for the ‘Colon Cancer Awareness’.  Because I decided on a sans-serif font for ‘Colon Cancer Awareness’, it only made sense to contrast it with a serif font for ‘Hope for a Cure, Walk for the Cure.’.  I’m not entirely happy with it but for now, it will do.

Project: Relay For Life Software: Illustrator Comments: This poster is to kick-off the upcoming relay this weekend.

Current Progress 5/3/12

My friend actually came to me and told me that she wanted a poster for her currently new favorite boy band, One Direction. Her favorite band member is obviously Louis Tomlinson and I knew exactly how I was going to do it: Clip Masking. I had a LOT of fun making this for her and decided to just make it a project for Mr. Hensler. I wasn’t really satisfied with it at first but I had a friend tell me what to just make the red box bigger from it’s currently placement at the top right-hand corner. I’m really, really happy with this project’s design.

Project: One Direction Software: Illustrator Comments: This is probably one of the first posters I made all year that I’m entirely satisfied with.


Tutorials 4

Well, this is my fourth and final tutorial post for the year.  I didn’t really do anything too hard because I wanted to do tutorials based on a project did or am in the process of thinking if I should make it into a project.  My first tutorial was from my last project.  I did a tutorial on making a realistic sparkler but took the idea of the sparks to put on my project.  As for the splatter paint and clipping masked text, I mashed two tutorials into one.  I know it looks sort of odd color and pattern wise but it was just an example of a thought for a project.  If I used that idea in a project, it would just be something simple like that.  Just by looking at these tutorials, you know they didn’t take anytime at all.  Like I said, I was going off of fun and useful tutorials that I would use some day in the future.

Current Progress 4/23/12

I’m not entirely happy with this poster design.  The sparks don’t look as good as I was hoping. I have no idea what I was even trying to attempt with putting the sparks in there. I asked at least four different friends of mine just to hear their inputs and they said the loved the spark idea so I kept it just for them.  Plus, without the sparks, the poster is WAY too plain.  I really like the color choices.  The bright green and blue stick out really good on the dark gray background.  As I said in my post before, the plug is my favorite part even though it took a few tries to get it looking like that.  I find myself looking at this poster and thinking I definitely should’ve have done something different with it.  The “h” in “hot” kind of drives me insane since it looks like an “n”.  Like Mr. Hensler said, there’s always room for improvement and I’ll keep trying to find it for this poster.

Project: Poster Software: Illustrator Comments: This was for a poster my church youth group wanted me to do.

Current Progress 4/20/12

No, there isn’t a picture yet, I know.   I was trying to get it completely finished before the end of the day today but that didn’t happen.  As you already know, I’m not quite done with it and I promise I will finish it Monday.  I’ve been contemplating an idea for my church youth group.  I did about two days of one tutorial for the sparks that are in it.  If the sparks turn out to be really weird, they will obviously get removed and thought up some other way.  It took me another THREE days just to make a wall outlet (which didn’t even end up going into the poster).  Two other days were dedicated to making a plug that would just stand out behind the lettering.  I wanted to get the wire end of the plug just right so I used the brush tool.  I’ll explain more when I post the picture Monday.

Tutorials 3

This is my third post of tutorials, as you can see.  I know my clouds aren’t that advanced but in order for my movie poster to come alive, I needed it as well as getting the idea for the shadowing of the balloons.  It was actually a horrible tutorial because the balloons look horribly fake so I won’t include those.  As for my speaker, that took DAYS to figure out.  Mr. Hensler had to look over it and figure it out because of the way they worded it in the tutorial.  Other than that, the speaker is the best looking thing that came out of all of my tutorials I did.  As you already know, I actually used my first tutorial in the Up project.  The speaker will probably never be used in a tutorial which shouldn’t really make it a tutorial at all but it was really fun to do and took up the majority of my class periods just trying to figure out how to get the grid to fit into the speaker itself.

Current Progress 3/30/12

Mr. Hensler posted about a competition that we could make a logo for.  This logo was something simple and only needed to have something that dealt with health and wellness.  It only made sense to use the red cross symbol.  It also had to include the letters LCIC for Lycoming County Insurance Consortium.  Only three colors were allowed to be involved so it could just be something simple.  Red, blue, and grey were the colors that went together well.

Project: Logo Competition Software: Illustrator Comments: I worked on this for a day and a half. I finished the logo the first day but it took me half a day to just find a font for "health and wellness" that actually looked good with this.

Current Progress 3/23/12

This project only took me about a week to do.  It’s turn out is not exactly what I thought it would be but I’m still pretty happy with the final results.  It’s definitely better than my last project, hands down.  There was more effort and time put into this project and it’s not as dull as my last one.  To get the clouded background, I had to do a tutorial.  The tutorial was pretty confusing and took me at least ten tries to actually get a result like this.

Project: Movie Poster Software: Illustrator Comments: I liked doing this project. It was a fun idea.